MSPO 2023, Kielce, Poland

5th - 8th September 2023

Creating a safe and secure world, together

Babcock plays a critical role in international defence; a trusted guardian of national security, counted upon to protect lives and maintain our lines of defence. In a world of significant geopolitical instability, national security has never been more important as defence requirements become increasingly complex to deliver. Ensuring those critical services are readily available, affordable, and long-lasting is a vital task. And Babcock is built for that task. Now more than ever, what we do matters. Creating a safe and secure world, together. From submarines beneath the waves to secure communications in space, we ensure the services are equipped to fulfil their mission. We make their mission, our mission. We’re by our services’ side as we equip them to fulfil their duty. Delivering the capability they need, available to them wherever, whenever, and however they need it. Whether it’s applying engineering excellence or the latest technology, we combine our expertise with a practical mindset. Able to tackle high stakes, complex tasks in the most challenging environments. That is why our customers trust us to deliver their critical programmes.

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