Three of Babcock LGE’s LPG Fuel Gas Supply Systems now in operation

Babcock LGE has successfully delivered three of its world-leading LPG Fuel Gas Supply Systems into operational service for LPG ships in Korea and China.

Marking a significant milestone in LGE’s journey of developing and deploying innovative technology to support shipowners, the Fuel Gas Supply Systems will help to meet increasingly stringent regulations on carbon and emission reductions.

The three ecoFGSS™ systems are installed on LPG carriers ranging from 38,000m3 to 90,000m3,  and offer significant flexibility to shipowners.

These systems include designs using:

  • Deck mounted Low Pressure (LP) pumps (for LPG at ambient temperature)
  • In-Deck tank LP pumps (for LPG at ambient temperature)
  • In-Cargo tank LP pumps (for fully refrigerated LPG)

All designs are fully integrated with the LPG carrier’s cargo handling system, which is also provided by LGE. Each system has been successfully trialled across the range of main engine operating loads, and they are all now fully operational in service.

LGE’s ecoFGSS™ system can be tailored depending on operating requirements, with LGE offering a range of LPG Fuel Gas Supply Systems for retrofits, as well as new builds. 

Managing Director of Babcock LGE, Neale Campbell, said: “This significant milestone confirms LGE’s market leading position in the LPG Fuel Gas Supply System market. It also leads the way for the delivery of a further 18 Fuel Gas Supply Systems currently on order to be delivered through to 2023, at various shipyards and for multiple shipowners.”

The launch of ecoFGSS™ earlier this year further cemented LGE’s market position, with 21 orders to date.

Utilising LPG as a fuel has become the de facto solution for Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGCs) and Midsize Gas Carriers (MGCs), and is a crucial step change in LPG carrier designs to facilitate the market shift towards lower emissions.

LPG is also recognised as a potential bridging fuel towards zero carbon fuels, including ammonia. The experience gained in the development of LPG FGSS places LGE at the forefront of development of new ammonia-ready designs.