Supporting the British Army with an engineering apprenticeship programme

We have been awarded a six-year contract to continue to support the British Army in delivering one of the biggest apprenticeship programmes in the UK.

The Corps of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) provides engineering support to maintain and repair British Army equipment, from tanks to helicopters and vehicles to generators. Engineers often have to make critical engineering decisions in challenging conditions, so the training provided to engineers must give them the confidence and knowledge to tackle any engineering problem in any situation.

The REME apprenticeship programme provides aspiring engineers with an opportunity to develop their skills and contribute to the British Army’s vital operations across the world – and our proven track record in delivering comprehensive training and support services positions us as the ideal partner.

We will continue to play a pivotal role, supporting learners throughout their apprenticeships and assessing soldiers to make sure they meet the technical standards needed. We ensure apprentices can apply their training in barracks or in the field, carrying out these critical assessments worldwide.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Babcock to continue its work as strategic partner of the British Army. We are proud to support their ambition to invest in their people with high quality apprenticeships which are widely recognised”, said Jo Rayson, Managing Director of Babcock’s Training business.

Managing all aspects of the army training cycle, we design and deliver over 758,000 individual training days annually, including large scale live and simulated collective training events to validate operational readiness for British Army battlegroups, brigade and division headquarters in the UK and Europe.

Lieutenant General, Ian Cave CB, Commander Home Command, said: “This year, for an unprecedented third year in a row, the Army has been named the leading provider of apprenticeships in the UK. The Army Apprenticeship programme equips our soldiers with invaluable technical expertise through hands-on training and mentorship.

“We are proud that 95% of soldiers are enrolled onto an apprenticeship programme, showcasing our commitment to invest in our people by providing a strong learning and training culture. As an engine for social mobility the Army trains and develops our people to succeed and fulfil their potential irrespective of their background and experiences. We are pleased to be partnering with Babcock who are supporting this crucial investment in our people through the REME Apprenticeship contract.”